{Review} 2013

I am officially calling 2013 The Year of Nate! So other things happened, some good and some sad, but let's face it, 2013 focused on the pregnancy and delivery, plus celebrating his 2 months on Christmas, of our newest family member. But for the rest of the year... 

January - 

We started the year in Nashville after driving part way home from Alabama. The rest of the month seemed to focus on very little other than the return to work for both of us. 

We also bought furniture for our upstairs TV area (in our master bedroom).
P.S. Ignore the messy table, this was just when we bought the chairs and I threw the glittery pillow on one and snapped a pic.

February - 
Doug and I went to the Boyz II Men concert and we replaced our dining room chandelier with a more modern one. We also found out that we were pregnant (very, very early).

March - 
I took you on a Home Tour of our Dining Room and that was about it as there was a lot going on behind the blog. Work was work, I was planning for a sub for maternity leave, and probably going through my morning sickness at this point. 

April - 
This was a crazy busy month with the announcement of Baby #2 (and some complications to the pregnancy, aka one of the most stressful times in my life) but also Doug's birthday. I did show off a little bit of the early spring garden in Lily's Garden

May - 
May is always a busy month as it's the last month of work before summer and of course, Miss Lily's birthday month! We also found out that Baby #2 was a BOY

June - 
June was one of the busiest months as it saw so much happen to Lily's big girl room. It went from nasty dark before to the beautiful, bright room it is now (maybe this year I'll get to a full reveal!). We ripped down the tiled ceiling and replaced the two windows before finishing it up in July. 

June saw a lot of growth in Lily's Garden with a little mini tour and a new area rug in our dining room. 

July - 

We continued the process in Lily's room by installing insulation, drywall, and board and batten. We also celebrated the 4th at my Great Uncle's farm, went to the lake for a few days, and I wrote about how my brother would have turned 34. Doug also worked hard on creating his backyard masterpiece, the new deck

August -

August was quick to roll around and saw us going back to work. Our sidewalk was completed, we installed a DIY fence in Lily's Garden, Lily's old room went from green to gray for our Little Man, and we got the furniture installed back in the nursery. 

September -

I finally finished two items off my 40 Before 40 list (the necklace and earring holders), I bought some pillows for our living room in hopes to distract your eyes from our oversized green furniture (that will be replaced some day!), and Lily was in the Homecoming Parade

October - 

The month of Nate! I finally reached the point in pregnancy with weekly visits, begging the doctor to say I was ready (no such luck) so we planned his eviction date. The rest of month was busy finalizing things, celebrating Halloween with our kitty cat (and newborn!), and adding three new hydrangeas to Lily's Garden (nothing like some digging and hard labor to hopefully start some of my own laboring). But of course, the main focus was on this guy. And I can't forget, we celebrated 11 YEARS together as a couple! 

November - 
 I became a stay at home mom (or just on maternity leave as I will be going back) while Doug continued to work and Lily stayed at pre-school. I did show off our upstairs TV area (that still needs some help!), and we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday, Nate's one month birthday, and Thanksgiving. I also finally showed off the driftwood heart art that I made. 

December -

I had an early Christmas with the purchase and arrival of my new kitchen appliances, I took you on a Christmas Home Tour, I showed you Lily's crazy Christmas tree, and Nate's Christmas tree (that I love!) and we enjoyed a bunch of time together! 

What a year! I look forward to this year too, including catching up with a few posts I still need to do from Christmas. I've been under the weather and feeling extremely lazy this past week. Monday will be back to work for us. Nate and Lily have doctor check ups so we'll finally get to see how big the boy  has gotten (and Lily too). Happy New Year! 

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  1. What a year - I can't believe all you accomplished while pregnant and with a newborn!

    As Boyz II Men would say - it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday ... but here's to 2014!


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