{Garden} Grow, baby, Grow!

Between the heat, humidity and down pours, we've had a great growing season… and these babies are showing off! You can see here just how much they've grown. Unfortunately the weeds are enjoying the weather too… let's ignore those, ok? Thanks! 

Please ignore the rusty shed too… I don't know if painting it will happen like I had hoped due to the crazy rain forecast. So let's pretend it's painted a nice grayish/tan with a red roof. Or something like that. 

I may have ate all the ripe berries… Lily would be mad. But luckily for her, there are a few more that are about there, plus a lot that aren't even close. I'll try not to eat them all but after the back yard makeover I'm doing, I deserved a treat. And they are so yummy! 

This cucumber plant took off! I swear it doubles in size almost every day. I look forward to having a few home grown cucumbers. Luckily for us, they are one of the few vegetables both kids will eat. 

Do you garden? If so, what do you grow? We're currently doing the raspberries and cucumbers seen here (in the same bed along with cilantro), blueberries in our raised bed in our front yard, and a variety of peppers and tomatoes in our main garden bed. 

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