{South Carolina} Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise

Our South Carolina adventures continue! 

This was Day 5, otherwise known as July 8th. It was one day that we actually had a plan ahead of time as we had to sign up for the Dolphin Cruise before we got to SC. 

Before we headed out, I explored our "backyard" outside of our cabin. Let me tell ya, I was surprised to see this guy instead of the normal crabs. 

Size reference - my size 10 (I know, huge!) Sperry shoe. 

See the deer below? There were three. They hung out before they saw us. 

Nate seemed to be staring at the boat captain. 

We started the cruise with a dolphin sighting. Our first for the trip! This was in the sound right off the tip of Edisto Island. 

A bald eagle (look for the white head in the trees). At this point, my camera was starting to get fuzzy. 

Rice field creations from the slavery days. 

And then alligators!!!

We saw a bunch of dolphins after the alligators. I had to switch from my nice camera to my phone as my nice camera's lens did not to work in the humidity. But Lily loved seeing the dolphins in the sound and shouted "I saw it's eye!"

Day 6 is coming up and more laid back… we spent it at the beach! 

Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise - you're here! 
Day 6 - 
Day 7 - 
Day 8 - 

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