{Upstairs} Clean Up

Another one from the old blog...


The room has been cleaned up (some) and so, I thought I'd take some pictures in spots that will be easy to repeat throughout the rest of the process...And also some detailed photos to show.

This is the view from the East to the West. The East side of the room will be the TV area, the West is my closet area.

This is the view South, into our office. I was standing where our bed will be.

View from the top of the stairs, looking NorthEast.

The rafters. We took out the nails and pulled off the insulation (talk about NASTY!). Another problem was that when they re-roofed the house, part of the black stuff from shingles came down onto the insulation.... it's nasty stuff that falls through onto your head.

This is the North window. We're replacing all the windows with new, vinyl, double hung windows. I can't wait! This window sits right behind our bed, so it'll be nice to be open the top and let in a breeze.

This is the view North (where our bed will be).

This is the stuff we're working on pulling down. Left over insulation and random junk... it's the nasty part of the job, as the fiberglass insulation is ITCHY!

Another shot of the "leftovers" ...

{Upstairs} Demolition

Another one from the old blog to show some of the upstairs remodel photos...


A Three in One!

These are the pictures I promised... as well as the beginning of what will be Meta Monday (we made a huge dent in the project yesterday, thanks to my parents!!!) and then, for Blue Monday, there is the ugly BLUE carpet. Luckily for us, it had already been pulled up and replaced but was still in pieces in our crawl space. Don't know why. We also found it's identical red/orange pair but only one little chunk. I'd hate to think of a whole room of either type...

Enjoy the pictures, more are to come as the next steps come!

There are a lot of pictures and so, I apologize for them not being in order. I'll work on that in the upcoming posts.

Doug tearing down the ceiling...

Rocky checking out the upstairs (an entire floor he has yet to really explore!)

Salvaged wood! There are some plans for a few pieces, none for the rest. But this was all in our crawl space. Future projects.. any ideas?

We threw the trash out the window so we didn't have to make the trip over and over.

This is the view from my closet area.

This is the peak of the roof. Old houses were made so differently than new ones!

My mom throwing trash out. It was kind of a game... the dumpster wasn't directly under the window, so you had to throw it out and hope the wind didn't catch it.

Taz, checking out the demolition... she did check it out more, but when people are around she stays back.

This is almost a before photo... our NW corner crawl space that's near my closet. We like the hidden door effect and are trying to figure out how to do that again.

NE Corner crawl space... this is for Blue Monday! ... check out the terrible carpet!

NE Corner again... check out the random pieces of wood for the floor. Those two pieces with the angled corners make a full size table!

My closet...or what's left of it.

The office demo! I was hammering out the shelves. Check out my belly!

A close up of a 7 month belly in a shirt that USED to fit...

I'm tearing down the ceiling!

Here's the east side of the room. Some day it'll have furniture and a TV. We're a long way from that.

Just another view of the above photo.

Doug doing some demo.

Ceiling demo...view from the stairs...

Ceiling demo again...

{Lily's Nursery} Old Post

OK... so this is another old post from the old blog. Why have I continued to change blog addresses over the years? I need to keep one!

Anyway... this is Lily's room. I am definitely itchin' for a change!!! BUT... I will wait because we have plans to move her to the other bedroom once it's fixed up. The other day she said she liked her green walls but I really want a change. Maybe I can talk her into a pink room? Or neutral with lots of pink accents? Something besides the green. I love it in these photos but man it goes really green (think spearming gum) in person. But I did LOVE it when I first painted...

Oh, and while we're at it - this will be a FUTURE bedroom for a FUTURE baby. Don't go crazy Grandmas! But yes, we want another kid. I want to remodel this room too and go gray with a white bottom (beadboard or board and batten) and white trim. We'll keep the dark floors (duh!) and the dark bedroom furniture (crib and changing table/dresser) but I want to change up the closets if we can swing it in a remodel. Stay tuned for that!

The below comments are all what I posted in 2009 before we decorated and added other furniture. I'll have to clean it up and take more recent photos soon.


This is our baby's room NOW. Don't you love the green walls and off white trim?

Here's a good view of how the walls and trim look with the dark wood floors.

And here's our beautiful bed! My parents bought the bed and dresser/changing table combo and will be ordering the mattress soon.
(Side note - we did not keep the zebra rug in here... I bought a bright pink one that really needs replaced but it works for now. The zebra rug is waiting to be used somewhere else but is an indoor/outdoor rug so I'm thinking our front porch.)

Check out the blue color... and the nasty baby poop brown trim color...Oh, and let's not forget the previous homeowner put stencils AND wallpaper on the wall. However, when I took this picture, the wallpaper had already been taken down (it was an easy job, luckily!)

Here's a close up of the wall stencil she put up. It was a bronze/gold color. YUCK.

{Food} Decorated Cakes

I am trying to find a few old photos that I'm pretty sure were on my Mac before the good ol' crash of 2010. Ugh. I thought maybe they were on the old blog, but no luck so far. However, I did find this ... and I may post others too...

I used to decorate cakes. I kind of miss it. Some days I do. Some days I don't. I miss playing with cakes, being creative, trying out new recipes. I just looked around the net for a new brownie recipe and I want to try it, but then I want someone to take them away. I could give them away, but it's fun to sell them and know someone WANTS them. In exchange for their money. But that's a different story. Here are some of the 'party' cakes I did while I worked at a cake shop...

This cake was a blast. A little kid's birthday cake and they had brought in the plastic sea creatures. I loved how they left everything to me. They absolutely loved this cake. I love when they leave it to me and are extremely happy. They make the best customers.

Isn't this the cutest baby shower cake? It was actually off an invitation. I airbrushed the background and then did the figure and writing in icing to build it up. Too cute!

Only my favorite Sesame Street character! And it's a shaped cake!

It's a pizza! It's a cake! No, it's a pizza cake! (Sorry, couldn't refuse). Yep, all cake and icing. Cute, huh?

Some days you need a 'Just Because' cake. I forgot the reason to this, but why do you need one? It's Just Because!

{Lily} Lily Lately

Almost 3 months 'til Lily's THIRD birthday! Where has time gone?!???

She's wearing mostly 4T clothing after a growth spurt made her legs super long. I prefer longer shirts on her so that when she moves, her belly doesn't show. 3T clothing still works but some are really tight and some shirts get a little short.

Her shoe size makes me wonder. I bought a pair of 10s because that's what fit her but I think it's the brand (Sketchers). She still fits in her size 9 boots and other shoes and even her size 8 hippo sandles (like crocs).

She continues to wear a size 4 diaper, which she's been wearing for over a year plus (probably closer to almost 2 years). Hopefully we won't buy many more diapers and switch over to pull ups and panties but we haven't had much luck lately. She did use the potty at daycare a few times again this week.

We'll go in for her well child visit in 3 months and I wonder what her percentages will be like. She was in the 80th last time with her head near 100%.

She's getting more freckles - two on her face, one on her arm (maybe one on both), one on her butt, plus her mole still. The mole hasn't changed much but it has gotten bigger as she grows. I'm sure it'll come off some time, but I hate the thought of her scaring right on her hand.

She's dying to go outside. She thinks it's warm every time the sun is out, even with today's snow she still thought it was warm. She sees her swing set in the backyard out our back window and she wants to go play.

Speaking of her swing set, I think we're all planning on working on the rest of her play set for her birthday. I'm wanting a place for her to play (like a house or something) with a large slide and some climbing equipment. The whole thing needs a border and some mulch around it, as I'm sure the grass won't grow much around it if she uses it as much as we think she will. I have some plans that I've found through Ana White's site and others that I'd love to have in our backyard.

She enjoys her books, puzzles, Barbies (my old ones), and music. She's not really into dolls (like my old Cabbage Patch that I gave her) or stuffed animals. She'll carry one around maybe once a week after a long nap or a bad night of sleep, but nothing like some kids that'll carry around one every where.

She's off of Dora and has been for almost 2 weeks. She's on to Bob the Builder right now but her favorite is anything with music, mainly her "green dinosaur" movie. I think it's Baby Genius brand but they sing random songs with stuffed animals, kids, and animated shorts. She needs another one or two for some variety.

She has so many toys that I actually have some put away that she was given at Christmas. I may go through and box some of her older stuff up (which I've done at least twice now). There are just a lot that take up room that she plays with only when I'm putting them away or when she dumps the whole box out on the floor. We're lacking storage space for everything and we have baskets, boxes, and shelves everywhere for her stuff!

She's roughly 35 lbs. She's my skinny girl for being so tall and muscular!

She's loving daycare most days and will come home to tell me her best friend is Kelly and that she doesn't like Brenden. She has a lot of boys in her age group so it's nice to hear her talk about a couple girls. It's weird to think that I was just a little older than Lily when I met two of my life long best friends. These girls, and boys, could be her best friends for years and years to come. Maybe they'll be having sleep overs in a few years at our house (or theirs') or playing in our back yard. She really enjoys her teachers too and that's always good!!


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