{DIY} Glitter Ornaments

I love glitter. I hate how messy glitter is. When I saw the many ways of doing this, I knew I had to try. All it takes is floor polish, clear ornaments of any size and glitter. It doesn't even take much floor polish but be careful cause that stuff is sticky and I have glitter everywhere now!

So here's how ya do it.

Squirt some floor polish into the ornament and swirl around.
Empty out the floor polish (I just kept it going from one ornament to another).
Shake glitter into ornament and swirl around. I used a small funnel for this. I would recomment one and make sure you buy the smallest one available. Mine was less than $1 at Walmart in the automotive section.
Move glitter all around, pouring out extra into another ornament or back into the original glitter container.
Repeat until done with every ornament.
Let dry and then put the tops back on. I may glue mine on, but we'll see. The glitter doesn't add much weight but I am going to glue some of my other ornaments together, so I may do all at once.
Add ribbon (if desired) and be done!

The "ingredients" of the project (minus the box of pretzels and other junk on the table).

The funnel, one of the smallest (second smallest maybe) from Walmart's automotive section. It worked great in some ornaments, not so great in others.

Empty and ready...

Halfway done. It's actually really pretty halfway done (from bottom up).

Here are the first twelve. These are all made with tinsel glitter from Michael's. I then went through my random craft stuff and found the other glitter.

The white one is a mica flake glitter from Martha Stewart that I bought years ago for some unknown project that I can't remember and the turquoise glitter is from Martha Stewart as well but in a smaller bottle still sold at Michael's.
Here's "white gold" from Martha Stewart's line.

Gold and irridescent tinsel glitter mixed.

Turquoise and mica flake glitter combined.
This ornament is an opaque one. I had a few extras from previous years' of projects and tried it out. It's not my favorite but still pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like last year, it can be easy to dwell on who we are missing as we celebrate the holidays but I also like to think of everything we have that others might not. I have a great family, great friends, a house over our heads, money in the bank, a job to go to every day, our health, and food on the table.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

{Pregnancy} Hopeful

For years now, Doug and I have been asked "When will you have your next kid?" Sometimes it's nice, sometimes it's more of a demand. We always figured we'd have two kids, around 3 years apart. Well, life happens and so things change. Lily honestly came a little sooner than we planned but as many of us know, life doesn't go as planned. We enjoyed every doctor visit and check up when I was pregnant with Lily. We looked forward to her arrival just like any other happy parents. Sure, we were also scared because honestly, who isn't when it's their first child.

Fast forward to the now and here we are with a 3 1/2 year old Lily and people still asking the question. So, to answer all of you... we are TRYING. I thought that should be in all caps because we are not currently pregnant. I wish we were.

We've been trying for a couple of months. I honestly thought this last month would be it but it wasn't. Unless someone above is playing around and tossed in a "haha, let's make her think she isn't but she really is" scenario. But I doubt it. So we'll keep trying this month.

If we got pregnant now, Lily would be a little over 4 when the baby would be due. It would also put the baby's due date around the start of the school year, which would be tough but doable. My mom has offered to babysit the baby for the first year and we are definitely going to take her up on it (hope it stays that way, Mom!) so that we don't have to pay double daycare dues for a year. Once Lily is 5 (and she goes to kindergarten) the baby could go to daycare and then we'd just be back to the single dues.

I look forward to being pregnant again. I want another baby and I'd love to have a boy but I'd take either one. If we have a girl, they could wear everything Lily wore (season permitting of course). If I have a boy, I can sell all of Lily's baby clothes that are filling up our attic space. Or make a giant blanket out of it like people do with their college/high school shirts. Who knows.

I'm already thinking of ideas of how to do the future baby's room too. Is that bad? I feel as if Lily's nursery never was finished. I look forward to making her a big girl bedroom just as much as a new nursery. Maybe it's because I'm sick of the bright green walls that remind me of wintergreen bubblegum. Maybe it's because I really want to do something with our front room and this will be the perfect shove to get things done. Maybe it's just because I want some change in our house and those two rooms are the only ones that will be getting it soon.

Lily's future room will hopefully include white board and batten, pink walls (above the b&b), my grandmother's bedroom set that I used in my teen years, and a pink/purple/green/teal color combo. The future nursery will either be a gray, white and yellow combo (using our current wood furniture too) or a green and blue combo. I love both and honestly could go either way. Whichever one is used, the other will most likely be used in our TV room which needs some color!

Anyway, back to the pregnancy... I'd love to be pregnant. We're trying. We will keep trying until it happens. I look at how Lily's pregnancy went and I like that I didn't know so I didn't have to do the waiting around part. It was one of those things where I felt a couple pregnancy symptoms but they could have also been due to life stressors at the time and then it hit me "I think I'm late." So we went to Walmart, bought the test, saw it turn positive, and life changed from there. This time around it's a lot of waiting, planning, and patience.

Wish us luck as we go down the road that so many others are going on to. I am lucky to have one beautiful baby and a loving husband who wants another one too. Not to mention our loving families that are here to support us too. So that I am thankful for as we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving. Maybe this time next year, we'll have a new addition to our family.

Oh, and if you ask Lily about it she says she already is a sister and that she wants a girl. I actually bought some ovulation tests today and she thought the baby would be in the box because there was a picture of one on it. I told her no, that's not how it works. She then told me that it would be inside my belly button and laughed at the idea. She has always said she wants a baby sister. All I know is she'll be a great big sister when the time comes and she'll most likely be bossy too.

{Lily Lately} Black and White

My pretty girl, all covered in crumbs and looking at me with those big, beautiful eyes. 

I'm having fun playing with my new camera (and uploading to my Mac) but I have a lot to re-learn with iPhoto and some other programs I may download. I'd love PhotoShop but I don't want to pay that much for a program.

{The Farm} My Parents' Lake

My parents' bought their land while I was still in high school and the first major thing they did was to build a lake. It's not the biggest thing ever (the lay of the land wouldn't allow it) but it kept us cool on some summers and it's been a nice thing to have. Before they lived out there, we'd drive out just to relax at the shelter house my parents' built. They even stocked it with fish.
As time and life goes on, the lake was ignored and the algae took over but the other day we were down there for the Family Shoot Out afnd it looked pretty good. Maybe next summer Lily can go swimming or just practice her fishing skills. I'm determined for her to get a fish on her Barbie fishing poll!

{Lily Lately} Glittered Girly

I Instagrammed/Facebooked this photo earlier ... isn't she just the cutest?!?

Her outfit for that day...
Butterfly glittery shirt (I think it's Arizona brand) 
Pink glittered tutu skirt (from The Children's Place)
Purple leggings (from Walmart)
Pink glittered boots (from Walmart, great knock off version of TCP's boots!)
white headband with teal bow (which matched the teal in her shirt perfectly)

And yes, she still sleeps in her crib if anyone noticed that. She's about to outgrow it and we're thinking of getting her into my grandmother's bedroom set that I had but we may just use the twin we have from Doug's grandfather since it has a mattress to it already (vs having to buy a new one for the other because we threw the old one out).

{House} Kitchen Remodel

I've been dying to remodel our kitchen since we bought the place. I've already done some things to make it "liveable" and now I'm going I'm thinking of the next step...

Step 1:
Remove wallpaper (from walls, ceiling, trim)
Paint textured wallpaper, walls
Paint cabinets

Don't be jealous that you don't have grapevine wallpaper climbing to your ceiling. Not everyone is privileged enough....

If you look closely, there are two different greens on the cabinets. And then wood moulding. And the grapevine wallpaper. And some metal scrolly things. And more green on the window trim. And a pinky peach ceiling. And then there's the tile backsplash...

Step 2:
Remove floor and see what's underneath - is it something easily removeable or not (the sub floor under the ugly tile is on top of original hardwood - is the hardwood floor damaged beyond repair or is it ok? This is only going to happen in the butler's pantry for the time being, aka summer, to see what I'm dealing with.)
Buy new appliances - at least dishwasher

Step 3: (the overhaul)
Buy remaining appliances (if necessary)
Demo wall between kitchen and butlers pantry
Replace windows
Possibly replace exterior door (or just fix cracked window)
Install cabinets. Thankfully my dad has offered to build the bases and then we will buy doors. This should save us tons!!
Install new floor (unless original floor is good enough to save or we will cover up with tile)

{Holidays} Halloween

Miss Lily had her mind set on Tinkerbell for months. We borrowed a Tinkerbell costume from my cousin but were afraid that it may be ruined, so when we found one that Lily just had to have for less than $15 at Marshalls, we went ahead and bought it. The blue wings are from Walmart that we bought before we found the Tinkerbell dress. The adorable pink flower basket was from Old Navy and I'm glad we bought it because it goes along with her outfit just perfectly!

Lily waiting on someone to answer the door at my Aunt and Uncle's House.
I love this photo! It's of my uncle and his adorable Boxer, Bennie.
Batman (aka Daddy) and Tinkerbell going out to start Trick or Treating.
Lily went to maybe 12-15 houses before wanting to go back. That was more than the few we started out with (we had to go back out later) and more than last year. She started to get the hang of it, especially because there were a lot of other kids around, but she still was being shy and not fond of ringing people's doorbells.

{Pets} White's Tree Frogs

In January 2006, I brought this little guy home...

In May 2006, I brought home this little guy... 
This was their awesome home for awhile. It's a false bottom tank. I went through different variations of it, never making it as cool as this one. This was way before Lily and so we had lots of time and extra money to play with.

A few months ago I was needing to redo the false bottom tank and was a little busy, so I didn't. Well, after adding some water in it to make the pond, I realized that Marty (the first frog - he was always fatter) had drowned after getting stuck behind the wall. Although they are frogs, they are tree frogs and weren't great swimmers. I knew they could drown easily, which is why they never had deep ponds to soak. Anyway, after Marty's death I disassembled the false bottom tank and kept it simple for Freckles (he always had those dots like shown in the above pic). He had a heat lamp, a large tree branch, and a pond. We brought home crickets and he was a happy, lazy frog. Well, I am no longer a momma to any frogs. He was found dead today. Not sure why. I'm not sure if he got too cold at night, or if he went too long between meals (although I doubt that, he finished his round of crickets just a few days ago), or if he was old or sick.

Honestly... I'm kind of glad to get rid of the frog tank. I once had two different frog tanks for two different types of frogs. The first two (out of the four) died a year or so ago and I took the tank to school for a fish tank. Now I can clean out this tank and use the table they were sitting on for Lily's future room because it's the side table to my grandmother's bedroom set that I have. But, I still have to deal with getting rid of him... yuck. Sounds like a job for Dougie.

{Lily Lately} Uh oh

When I picked up Lily Friday from daycare, she was tired. She wanted her jammies on as soon as we got home and since I was busy the previous two nights at work with parent teacher conferences, I didn't want to do anything either. So jammies it was! When Doug got home from work we had just finished up playing in her room and I walked out of her room to talk to him right as he was looking in. The little stinker found out she could crawl up to the top of her dresser/changing table (yes, we still use it and not just the floor). Luckily the furniture has been an extremely good purchase and very sturdy (it's from JCPenney in 2009). We asked her to repeat it so we could see and she did it with a giant smile on her face! When she crawled down, she bounced in the drawer and we did hear a little something so we had the talk of "let's not do this again" which she seemed to understand. She's super athletic, so this was just a matter of time and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner!


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