{Doug's Office} Bare Bones

Hello! Welcome to Doug's "new" office. 

This used to be my space before I moved to the basement. And before that, briefly, it was Doug's office but I stole it from him like the good wife I am. Ha! It's back to being his so he can get his master's in the next year or so. 

Until then, I repainted it a nice, light gray and started adding some if his items. This will be his "man cave" as well, seeing as he lets me do whatever I want with the rest of the house and so he needs his own spot. I'm all for people having their own areas in the house. 

Doug, as you can probably tell from these photos, likes rugby. He's played it the entire time we've been together and even before then, so roughly 15 or so years. 

His parents took that photo for him while on one of their vacations. I'm not sure about that black tray in the back but it'll eventually be something…maybe… and the "whistle for your beer" is something Doug's had since before my time. Again, we're going for a man cave here so it works. 

The horse, above, is from Doug's grandparents. The little jar of money was given to him with a note from Doug's mom that has to deal with a family story from his grandmother. The jar of matches came from his dad's parents collection (it's not all) of their travels over the years. I simply put them in a glass pickle jar to display. 

The desk was mine, and before that my mom's. It has great storage and is huge. Like 5 feet long type of big. It'll have some stuff on it at some point but he uses his laptop or iPad for everything so he won't need computer space. The "Terms of Rugby" wall hanging is actually cloth and will be framed at some point. I bought it off Etsy awhile back. The blue curtains and floor length but pinned back for our AC unit. We gutted and insulated this area but it still gets really hot in the summer. 

The pennant, above, was my brothers. It's from the 1992 World Champions Basketball team. I gave Doug the rugby parking sign for a birthday gift. The chair was my grandmothers. I don't know if it'll stay. 

As for the tan section of wall… I'm going to paint it white and that's where some built ins will eventually be. I need to call our contractor…aka my dad… and grab him some time he's not busy. Which is never, even though he's technically retired. The man likes to work! 

I'd love to add more of Doug's rugby items and some of his hippos. We'll see what happens but for now I thought I'd share this space. 

{Life Lately} Throwback Thursday

While prepping my old office to become Doug's new office, I found a bunch of photo disks. I had to look… and so I've taken a walk down memory lane and will be posting a few of the goodies here. For those that follow me on Facebook, you've seen some. 

But I thought I'd share some of the house ones on here. I FINALLY found that I did take a picture of the dining room with the string curtains… just not an up close. Now let me say that these string curtains were just that, strings. It wasn't anything even close to the macrame type yarn art that is going on today. And they were dingy.

Remind me why we bought this house?? Umm.. never mind. 

Here's the dining room in all of the dark red (with black glaze) glory… This was pretty much everything from the previous homeowner, minus the glassware in the cabinet and the place mats on the table. Back in 2007…  

And the dark guest room before it became a dumping ground and then eventually Lily's room

However, I did take a photo of those curtains up close!!! 

 And then there's the middle bedroom that once started out as my office (before I stole the upstairs office from Doug) then moved to Lily's room and now is Nate's bedroom. My stuff, previous homeowner's paint choices. 

And just so I don't leave your eyes burning with those hideous paint colors (which, I can say have all been taken care of), I'll leave you with this oldie of the snow before we ripped out the giant hedges, the lamp post, and the other bushes and everything else we've done to create a welcoming front yard and view into Lily's Garden

Too bad those two whiskey barrels didn't last. We brought them here when we moved and after the first winter, they were trash. Also… I'm so glad our neighbor's house isn't mint green anymore! 

I love these photos only to show the progress that has been made. Now if only I could remodel my kitchen and do a before and after on that one! Some day!!! 

{Life Lately} July

Is it me or did July come and go in a blink of an eye?

We started the month getting ready for our trip to South Carolina. We left on the 4th and were there for a week.

We came home for enough time to do some laundry, spoil our pups, do some gardening, and clean the house in preparation for being gone for our annual lake trip.

Before leaving for the lake trip, we went to our local fair. It's been a tradition for 6 years now and both kids love it! 

For four days, we were down at our favorite lake with my parents, cousins and aunt.

After that, we spent some time at my parents' house on my brother's birthday. He would have been 37. This is a shot of their back yard patio that they made themselves. My mom is a huge fan of Japanese style zen gardens and so she uses a lot items you'd find in those, plus a huge tie into nature in many forms (the line of trees at the top of the photo is the beginning of their woods). There are two small water ponds just out of sight on the right of this photo that are home to many frogs and an occasional snapping turtle. 

Swimming at my parents' pool adds more fun as the kids slow down from the trips.

And although after that has slowed down, the month is now gone. As teachers, our month of July is special time. August is already half over too but as teachers, we've spent the majority of our time getting ready for the school year. Meetings, room prep, curriculum, lesson plans... you name it, at least one of us has done it already.

Why do summers have to go by so quickly?!? 

{South Carolina} Day 8 - Goodbye South Carolina!

Our time in South Carolina is up and we finished it back in Charleston at the popular Hominy Grill. 

Nate seems to be saying he's done. 

Breakfast at the Hominy Grill. Absolutely delicious! 

Peace out, South Carolina! 

Back in Missouri for an early dinner than home by 9:30. What a long, fun day! 

We all had an absolute blast in South Carolina. 

If you've missed any of the days, here's a rundown:

Day 4 - Charleston and the Charleston Aquarium 
Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise
Day 6 - Beach and Relax
Day 7 - Botany Bay and Family Photos
Day 8 - Goodbye SC! - you're here! 

{South Carolina} Day 7 - Family Photos

On the last night of our vacation, we took some family photos. Or we attempted at least. Nate + sand + water = chaos as shown below. We did look cute though!

Bird? Crab? Nope… Nate!

My parents 

The dolphins returned for one last visit. You can't see them but they're there. 

It was a great way to finish our beach vacation.

Day 4 - Charleston and the Charleston Aquarium 
Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise
Day 6 - Beach and Relax
Day 7 - Botany Bay and Family Photos (you're here!)
Day 8 - Goodbye SC! 

{South Carolina} Day 7 - Botany Bay

Day 7 saw Doug and I having a quiet trip to Botany Bay. I had seen images online before our trip and knew that I wanted to check it out. We heard it wasn't the easiest to get to because of the bugs, animals, and heat, not to mention the 1/2 mile walk to the beach. But we decided to brave it and lucked out. The walk was easy, the heat wasn't horrible (we went early in the morning) and the animals were all hiding minus the crabs and some birds. 

I wish Nate was here to see the shrimp boat. It was far enough way to not see everything so maybe he wouldn't have enjoyed it but it's definitely different than the boats in Missouri! 

Thank goodness for zoom lenses that work! 

Day 4 - Charleston and the Charleston Aquarium 
Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise 
Day 6 - Beach and Relax
Day 7 - Botany Bay and Family Photos
Day 8 - 


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