{South Carolina} Day 6 - Beach and Relax

On Day 6 of the vacation, we needed a break from being on the go constantly over the last few days. We sweated our booties off at Magnolia Plantation, we walked all over Charleston and enjoyed the aquarium, and we went on a dolphin (and alligator) cruise. Not only were the kids exhausted, but us four adults were too!!!

So what to do? A beach day!!!

This beach wasn't the most relaxing as the waves were crazy! But we had a ton of fun, Nate enjoyed running in and out of the surf, and we all got sand in places that I'd rather not mention. But none of us got sunburnt (minus Doug's burn from the first beach day) and we loved it. 

Day 4 - Charleston and the Charleston Aquarium 
Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise
Day 6 - Beach and Relax (you're here!)
Day 7 - 
Day 8 - 

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