{Art} Mary's Painting

I made my brother's girlfriend a painting of two of the places they traveled. I hoped it would bring her happiness as she looked at it and remembered the good times they shared instead of the end of their relationship when he was sick. I'm not sure though, as I haven't talked to her since I gave it to her.

They traveled to Colorado and Manhattan and I had the idea of combining the two. It's 12 inches tall by 36 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. It looks great on the wall, if I may say so.

And here's a close up detail of the buildings...

Linking up to these parties.

{Art} Baseball LOVE

One of my coworkers had a wedding shower last week and I knew from working with her that her wedding was going to incorporate baseballs and the color red. So, I came up with the following....

I love it! And luckily, so does she! They are 8x8" canvases that can be hung either as a 2 by 2 or all in a row, or even set up on a mantle or shelf because the canvases are 1.5" wide on the sides.

The letters are slightly outlined in black (only on parts) and then highlighted in silver. The red is a pretty, basic red that goes well with the St. Louis Cardinal's style red - not to bright, not to dark.

{Life Lately} Conversations with Lily

I love Lily's language and today is definitely no exception. She normally speaks in 3-4 sentences and talks from the moment she wakes up to when she gets put down at night. I love it!

Today's morning conversation (we've had many more since) dealt with Mr. Potato Head. She has a few of them and one was in her closet, backwards, and looked like her bald Cabbage Patch babies from the back.

L - Baby?
M - No, Mr. Potato Head
L - Oh, what’s that?
M - Mr. potato head
L - Oh, ok. I like-y tater head.
M - What do you want for breakfast?
L - Jelly sandwich
M - Ok (and we walk to the kitchen, turning into the tv room)
L - No, over there (points to kitchen)
(I take her to the kitchen)
L - What are you doing?
M - Getting the bread (I place it on the plate and get a knife).
L - Cut-TING bread? (extra emphasis on the TING)
M - Yes. (I go get jelly)
L - Get jelly?
M - Yes (spread jelly on bread)
L - Good.
(I reach for peanut butter)
L - Nuh-butter?
M - Yes (as I spread it)
L - Good.
(I place the two slices together).
L - Cut? My turn?
(I didn’t let her cut it)
L - Oh bother. --- I LOVE THIS! She sighs and says "oh bother!" and looks super sad for a split second!
M - Ready?
L - Yeah.
M - Grab Mr. Potato Head, I’ll get your sandwich.
L - OK!
(we walk into tv room)
M - Do you want to watch tv?
L - Yay! Back-gardens! (Backyardigans)
M - OK.
L - No, Dora!
M - Dora?
L - Yay! Boots!

After that, and dealing with ATT Customer Support for 45 minutes, Lily opens a map book and is counting the letters in countries’ names, starting with USSR.
1, 2, 3, 4. Counting (looks up and smile). Good counting!

Other things from today:
L - "Ohh, messy, toys messy" - she had dumped her fishing game on the floor and the fish are everywhere.
M - "So pick it up."
L - "No, Mommy turn."
M - "No, Mommy didn't make the mess. Lily needs to pick it up."
L - "Ohhhh"

She hasn't picked them up yet. She moved onto something else.

While watching Dora: "Moon! I like-y moon!" It also talks about Mary (as in with Little Lamb) and she is talking about going to Mary's house, which is part of the map on Dora.

She's full of it and it's not even 10:30!

I really want to keep writing these down as they are great memories I need to treasure! Some day I'll have a printer and print everything out.

{Farm} Hay Bales

My parents let part of their property get bailed and as soon as I saw them the other day, I thought it would be fun to get Lily's picture taken by one. So when we went out the other day, we stopped and took some pics.

{Life Lately} Six Flags

Last week, Doug and I sent Miss Lily to the babysitters (aka my parents!) and spent a night away from home. When we got married, our "honeymoon" was to visit the three theme parks in Missouri. Well, we did one. That was five years ago. So, five years later, I had bought him tickets for his birthday and now, three months later, we finaly went! It was great. The weather was actually decent and even though it rained at the end of the day, it was a good time. We had rode every ride and then some before the rain started. We even rode a ride in the rain, which was slightly painful as it was going super fast and the rain was hitting our faces. So anyway, here are some pics.

{Pets} Friends

A few shots of Lily and her "friends" aka "sisters" or just simply, the dogs.

See our newly painted trim and walls?! The corner lap will be painted and I'm going to buy a new lampshade at some point. Oh, and a light switch cover...

Miss Lily and Beefy in the Radio Flyer.

You can see how tired she is in this shot. Someone didn't want to take a nap while her Babby and Bapa were around.

Being pushed around by her Bapa. Yes, our house is full of paint, ladders, and so much stuff right now that need to find homes. We'll get there.

Such a happy little girl with her Beefy.

Beefy allowed Lily to push her around our house in the car. She didn't really seem to mind all that much!

And yes, I realize the small table by the door is crooked. Some how, we lost one of the feet and the other isn't screwed on so while were painting one day, it fell off. I haven't fixed it. I swear some day my house will be organized and clean. But having a 2 year old, finishing up my online courses, and honestly not caring about some things just get in the way. Mainly it's the first and last reasons.

{Lily's Garden} Yard Work

This is the side of our house with Lily's Garden on it. This is the AFTER photo that will hopefully turn into a BEFORE photo for the next phase. But, it may still be awhile for that to happen. We are going to fence it in, add an arch way of some shape and get some climbing bushes (like the rose that was hacked to the ground but I'm thinking a clematis may be better). There's a long list of to do's, but for now we have this... just imagine NOT being able to see past the sad rose and its support that was pitiful and the giant bush that has was the size of a small car.

Here's the stump of what Doug hacked down. It's massive!

{Missouri} Lake of the Ozarks, Part 2

She's ready to go back into the water!!!

As we were swimming, we heard a weird sound and this was it... an Army helicoptor that kept circling extremely low to the water as if it was doing training exercises (we never could see).

And here it is up close. It got closer, but I didn't get a good pic.

{Missouri} Lake of the Ozarks, part 1

Here's part 1. I thought about adding all the photos from the trip but my computer didn't seem to want to do that tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.

Here's Miss Lily sitting on BaPa's lap.

Yep, she's driving the boat. It wasn't super busy for enough time that she actually had complete control. She loved it.

We found a different swimming spot halfway through the day and this one came with a pair of ducks! They definitely were people friendly and enjoyed some crackers and bread I fed them while they swam around the boat. Lily enjoyed watching them from her "green boat".

Driving the boat again, this time with Bapa's help.

She was really enjoying herself.

{Missouri} Lake of the Ozarks, Part 1

Yesterday we went to the Lake and enjoyed some boat time!!! It was the first trip of the summer and we are always afraid Lily will freak out. However, she did a great job once we got out of the car (a good 2 hour trip with a couple stops too). She spit up some juice on the way down but we think it was because she hadn't wanted any food for breakfast and so she had juice, and a hilly road, without anything to keep things down. She was ok though, so we kept going!

Here's Miss Lily and her daddy right after we launched off the dock.

Check out her new hat... a Disney Princess hat... that we had go buy in kid size because someone has a big head!

Checking out the scenery.

Enjoying a cheese stick as we boated to a good spot.

Pretty Girl!

Here we go! Daddy walking down the ladder, taking it slow.

Lily checking it out!

And she's in!

And she's not screaming!

We thought she'd like the extra floaty (is that even a real word?), which she ended up calling her green boat. She LOVED it.

There are a lot more photos, so come back to check out the other posts!

{Farm} Bapa's Garden

My dad is a HUGE gardener and we get to reap the benefits! Miss Lily especially!!! Although I did hear she had to work for her breakfast when she spent the night the other day... she had to pick her own blueberries! Which she LOVES to do because she gets to eat them straight from the bush! :) Who wouldn't enjoy it?!

OK... picking blueberries isn't hard at all, time consuming maybe, but it's fun to do because you get to eat as you do it. And there are so many blueberries on every plant. The only problem with it is the heat. And in Missouri, you can hardly ever get away from the heat while outside.

Here's Bapa showing off his crop of red potatoes. Yummy!!!

Luckily, my dad has spent years working on his soil so not only does he get a lot of good produce, digging up potatoes is really easy! My soil is hard as a rock but dad's potatoes can be dug up by hand. We did it that way last year! And the raised beds really help because you can sit on the edge and dig in!

My dad doesn't just do blueberries. He has a ton of plants! Just check out this zebra tomato... mmm....

{Holidays} Family Fun on the Fourth

It was actually on the 3rd this year due to the 4th being on a Monday and family was in town from out of state. But that doesn't matter.

The weather Sunday was a little stormy but we set out for the 45 minute drive to my great uncle's house and got there without any more storms. They have a beautiful lake and although the temps outside were maybe 75 degrees, the water was super warm. We didn't bring our swim suits because we thought it would be cold. We were wrong! We took Lily for a paddle boat ride around the lake (luckily they have life jackets in every size because my great uncle has over 26 - I think - grandchildren!). She seemed to enjoy it. I have a pic but it's on Doug's phone and he's not here. I actually remembered my camera this year but guess what I didn't remember? My flash drive inside the camera! How did I do that?!! It was in my card reader at home. So maybe NEXT year, I'll remember both the camera and the card. Fourth time's a charm, right?!

We had a good time. This past year has been tough on that side of my family - my great uncle lost his wife (my grandmother's sister) and my other great uncle (my grandmother's brother) also passed away, plus the death of my uncle and my brother. Luckily though, the energy was pretty good there and with so many kids around, it keeps you busy with happy thoughts. Lily was definitely a star! At least to us. Maybe not my 26 second cousins or their friends (talk about a lot of people), but she was the star to many.

Lily didn't enjoy the food as much as we did, except for the cheese puffs, grapes and of course, the birthday cake for one of the guys.

This year I made the cookie brownie oreo combo that seems to be popular on the internet. I wasn't all that into them but all sweet treats go over well with the family.

And no celebration on the 4th is complete with fireworks, they set up a nice show. Here's SOME of the family watching the beginning -

My dad's cousins are known for building a table with small holes drilled into and inserting bottle rockets, tying all ends together so you light one end and they all go off in order. It's a lot of fun (if you like loud booms, which Lily did not!). Maybe next year I'll get a photo of it. They put on a pretty good show with all types of fireworks. I have a few photos and a some video on my phone, so I'll work on getting them up. The photos on this post all came from my phone.

{Missouri} Lake Trip, 2008

***This is an old post from an older blog of mine, dated July 21, 2008.***

And we did not want to come home. Well, okay, I was really starting to miss my little mutts. Especially the little one, knowing that she was probably hating being locked at the boarders. I wasn't worried about Rugby due to his easy going nature. But we just did not want to leave. There is something so relaxing about sitting on the water.

See what I mean? Gorgeous! And what's better, is that there were hardly any boats with us! Especially compared to the other lake.

The first night we had missed the sunset due to clouds and timing and the moon wasn't around due to the clouds either. But the second night, we got out in the water in perfect timing to see the sunset.

And then, after what seemed like hours, we saw the moon!

What a day!

{Food} Chocolate


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