{Lily Lately} Photo Dump

It feels like a lot has happened since I've uploaded photos of just Lily, so here's some random ones. Maybe some day I'll do weekly posts on the girl. If you're Facebook friends, you're aware of the comments the girl makes all the time. I really need to get on copying them over to a book... you know, in case Facebook shuts down completely in the future. 

Her second professional hair cut (I've trimmed it at home some to even up the rat tail that occasionally grows). 

Playing at the park while Daddy plays rugby.

Playing on her new slide, singing and playing with Babby and Bapa. She looks upset but she's having a blast. 

This is her talking about her big slide and that it's "Grande!"

Helping Daddy with laundry.

{Animals} Mo and the Frog

I was at my parents' house today and saw a frog come out from underneath their front walkway. Their cat, Mo, thought it was a great thing and had to check it out. 

Isn't their front yard great? That's just part of it...

{Flowers} Star Gazers

Some times I forget what I've planted in Lily's Garden and end up with a nice surprise. This would be one of those times.

A month or so ago I told my mom that I wanted a star gazer lily for the garden but hadn't seen one for sale, not to mention the horrible drought that we're in and that nothing is surviving. Thankfully we've been watering and have kept the majority of our new plants alive. We have lost two miniature trees and a few plants I bought on clearance, but the other stuff (our oak leaf hydrangea and Japanese maple) are surviving.

Anyway, back to this lily. The plant looks horrible but then all of a sudden came some beautiful blooms! It's the only flower still producing so it's been nice to see. It is planted right next to my lavender, which you can barely see at bottom of the photo. Some day I'll get wider shots of the plants and beds again.

{Front Door} Update

Not much has happened on the front door progress, but my dad is going to help me fix the broken board (that was hiding the wires for the door bell).
I've continued the removal process of all this old, black, dried up caulk (we're guessing). The stuff is everywhere and takes some hard work to get out. The caulk, both the black hard stuff and the white stuff shown below on the right, is everywhere. The bricks have the caulk all over them.
The bricks also have a thin line of the brown poop paint color. I'm hoping that we will be able to cover some of it up when we finish the door up and then it'll all get painted too. I've been able to scratch some of the paint off but not all of it. I may, at some point, try to use a liquid paint remover but I'd hate to ruin the bricks at all.

{Dogs} Beefy

I keep taking photos but forget to upload them. So here's some random Beefy shots...

{Play Yard} Stairs

The stairs are complete!! No more ladder climbing. 

My dad and Doug worked all day a couple days ago after Doug poured the concrete base. They measured, cut and got things ready until they ran out of time that evening.

Today things went much quicker because of everything they did previously. We (and by we I mainly mean my dad) worked on finishing things up. We got the steps done and all screwed together. He also made two hand rails for both sides and got those up. They are made from cedar, the steps are treated. I'll let the pictures describe the rest. 

Here's the top where it meets the base of the "castle". 

Here's a side view of all the cut outs that my dad and Doug did. 

I know this is a weird angle but my phone and Blogger won't fix it. Doug scratched and M, D, L and 12 (for the year) in the concrete. The M and D got covered up but you can still see the 12 and L. 

DONE! Well, before the handrails went up...

Krypto hasn't figured it out that it's not for him. He'll get up to about this level and jump off. I really hope he doesn't kill himself but some day we'll have the whole thing fenced in.

And here's the Princess checking it out! Check out that gorgeous cedar used for the handrails. Nice and soft, hopefully no splinters!

Here's her climbing up to go on her slide, which she did at least 10 times tonight! 

{Ohio} Cedar Point's Beach

Ahh, finally, my phone allowed the photos to be uploaded. I also finally got around to trying for the third or fourth time...

Anyway, these are obviously from our trip to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago. While at the theme park we went through one of their side gates to get onto the beach. There's something so relaxing about water and the beach, whether it's the ocean or a really big lake that makes you think it should be the ocean (as in you can't see the other side!).

Here's a shot for Lily, who wasn't with us but we were thinking about her. 

The bird prints in the sand made for a great pattern and it definitely made me wish I had my better camera.
The view from the beach of two of the rides we rode.

Doug in the water. It wasn't the warmest water ever, but it wasn't terribly cold either.


And of course, to celebrate...

To see more photos from our trip to Cedar Point, check the rides we rode, our hotel, how I stole some sand, and our trip to IKEA (after we drove to Chicago).

{Ohio} Stealing Sand

While Doug and I were at Cedar Point, we left the park to enjoy a walk on the beach of Lake Erie. While enjoying the quietness and smooth sand, I remembered these ornaments and how I had already started my collection when we went to Florida and I picked up some sand. This time around, however, I wasn't prepared with a baggy. We did have a backpack with some snacks and things in there. If I had been thinking, we would have kept one of the soda bottles we had but of course that didn't happen. So, we came up wit this... 

It's a fruit roll up wrapper with one of my bandaids on it (fresh, unused) to hold it close. We really didn't want to sand everywhere in our new backpack. 

It's the perfect amount to be put in an ornament for Christmas so we can remember our trip. 

So maybe I should post something about how you shouldn't really steal sand.... so, let's just call it relocating... 

{Home} Meg's Closet

My closet is about to see another change... small, but it'll help me a lot! But before I discuss it, let me take you back to what it has gone through.

This is when we gutted everything. The brick wall on the right is the exterior wall of the house (yes, our entire house is just brick). The reddish wall on the left is shared with our small bathroom and I'd love for it some day be bumped out into my closet to include a shower in there. But that's another story. 

So that's what it looked like after we ripped down the drywall, pulled out all the nasty pink insulation, and before I removed thousands of staples and nails. Talk about gross.

Here it is after it the exterior walls were made deeper by adding 2x4's, insulated with spray foam insulation (awesome stuff!), and drywall. 

And here is it with the supports. There's a slight angle to the ceiling so the white board is actually straight (although it doesn't look like it). We saved some money by reusing the white bracket supports that were used previously. However, my dad added the additional support with the white boards so that the weight of my clothes wouldn't rip apart the drywall. 

And then I decided to paint the supports. I figured it'd blend all in. The white brackets are still white but when clothes are on it, it's not a big deal. 

And here it is after a much needed organizational sort through. It's still crazy to look at but it's organized, relatively clean, and there's space for the rest of my clothes! 

If you look at the photo above, I've sorted my clothes... the far left section (between wall and first bracket) are long sleeve shirts (I don't own many), sweaters and some light weight jackets. Oh, and my scarves. The second section are my pants. I just sorted through these, found some to donate and folded a bunch which are underneath on the floor (sandwiched between way too many sweat shirts and some flip flops and my giant troll slippers). The third section are my shrugs, cardigans, and 3/4 sleeve shirts. The fourth section are my shirts with shorter sleeves. I wear a lot of these for work so that I'm not constantly pushing up sleeves or getting dirty (I am an art teacher!) and the fifth section, that you can't see are my tank tops and some nicer t-shirts (normally school related or sport themed). I do have a dresser in here that's packed with other things - painting clothes, swim suits, pajamas, underwear, socks, stuff like that.

I'm thinking that since this area is really big, that I'll bring in additional storage with shelves and baskets. You can see I need it!

The biggest thing though... is that we have the board for above the brackets now and it'll be cut to size this weekend! I'm thinking it's big enough that it'll be the start of some more shelves. I know there's not a huge amount of space to put things on the shelf but it'll be great for some smaller items, frames, and some of my shoes.

{Ohio} Cedar Point's Rides

Doug and I chose to go to Cedar Point because it's a day's drive from our house (a long one, but still do-able) and because it's one of the best theme parks in America. I could have probably spent an entire day taking photos with my real camera and not just my phone, but that wasn't going to happen. We even ended up renting a locker for the majority of the day. We had to to ride some of the rides but also because their water rides get you SOAKED! Other theme parks gets you a little wet, but I went under every single waterfall in one ride and my clothes (we didn't wear our swim suits since we weren't going to the actual water park) were wet for hours.

Anyway, enough talk, here are the pictures....

Our drive onto the island - you can see the rides in the distance.

Skyline and Lake Erie from the Ferris Wheel.

We actually didn't ride this ride but have before. Two "legs" go up fast and down slow, the other two go up slow and down fast so you have a choice.

Another view of the Lake and the park.


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