{Throwback Thursday} Yogurt Lily

Hello! Here's another Throwback Thursday post for ya! This comes from my old blog, And Baby Makes Three Humans, from just over 3 years ago. I'm slowly getting all blog posts over here so I can delete the old blogs. Call it nesting or just a part of my organizational streak I'm on, but I need random clutter to disappear. Plus, this is easy as it only involves copy and paste vs real clutter that involves physically moving. ... You do remember I'm 35 weeks pregnant, right?! Good. Now, enjoy. And happy Thursday!

I've been trying to get Lily to practice her feeding skills. Obviously, we have a long way to go... She did well with the Greek yogurt a couple weeks ago but the consistency was so much better. Today was a little messy. It was EVERYWHERE. But she's trying. She gave up on the spoon and went for the cup method.

{Lily Lately} Homecoming Parade

 Miss Lily's daycare was in our local homecoming parade (it's a big deal here!) and so of course, we brought out the family and big camera to take what we hope is not the last of her parade appearances! 

In the photo above, her two best friends are behind her (too bad they weren't right next to her). Her newest best friend and her both had Ariel costumes on but Miss Lily did not want to take their picture together (the friend was all for it!). 

Lily loved her new costume (with matching accessories) and I hope that it'll be used for Halloween. She has 6 princess dresses now (three homemade from her very talented Grandma!). 

Lily's Garden

While outside on our new deck in the backyard, I realized I hadn't shown this angle of Lily's Garden before. The height of the deck allows for some fun, wider shots. Below is the back part that is somewhat shade plants (hostas and hydrangeas) but also the large boulders, lilies (that could be divided), and more. 
Below shows most of the garden (minus the row of hostas by the house). The trash can has mulch in it for one of the future beds (or just to layer in on top of the already mulched beds, which will most likely happen). I can't wait for the grass to be gone and replaced with rock. It'll really help finish the garden off. New beds will also finish off the garden but as I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I'm not sure that'll happen until Spring. 

{Family Fun} Lily and Kyla

As mentioned previously, Lily finally got to meet her little cousin, Kyla. Kyla was born in early August and due to our schedule issues (work!), we just now got to meet the cutie. Lily is obsessed!

Sorry for the crazy angles and shadow, it was super bright and I'm too pregnant to be getting down on their level right now. Plus, I didn't want to distract either girl. 

In the photo above, Lily put her finger inside the pacifier to feel Kyla sucking on it. She thought that was really cool! 

Lily has my grandmother's old camera and it's similar to what her Grandma had that day, so of course Lily was all about taking photos of Kyla sleeping. I couldn't pass up on Grandma with her two girls. 

{Throwback Thursday} Miss Lily

I know, I know, I featured Miss Lily last week too but I figured we can never have enough of her cuteness and because she's about to be a big sister instead of the only child she's been for almost 4 1/2 years, I want to focus on her. And it's my blog and I can do what I want, right?! 

Oh my goodness, check out that baby! And yes, my dog Rugby was huge. He was the best dog we've ever had and was so good with Lily. Had it not just been for his size and a very active little girl, we wouldn't have let him go live at my parents' house. They loved him just like we did and he enjoyed his last 4 months at the farm. He ended up with cancer (F*** cancer!) and we chose to end his suffering and my dad and I put him down one extremely sad day in January 2011. That was one of the worst days in my life and the start of a horrible year in general. 

But... let's go back to the happy. Baby Lily. 

I love how she was rolling over right into a giant, 150 lb dog. She was maybe 15-18 lbs here, so a fraction of his size. He was fine though and she didn't seem to mind the giant pup.

{Family Fun} Rugby

When I first met Doug, I knew he played rugby. We spent many nights hanging out with his old rugby team, going to bars and parties and having fun. Let me tell ya one thing - his team was full of Samoans because of our college and those boys can cook! That and they are HUGE! There was one time we were at a bar and basically the entire rugby team was there (and the bouncers and bartenders too) and then there were some random guys that weren't friends of anyone. One of those guys, who weighed maybe 140 lbs., tried to start a fight with a rugby player. He had to be so drunk that he didn't realize the bar was full of that guys' buddies and needless to say, was kicked out of the bar. Never a dull moment! 

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that Doug's team played in our old college town and it was the first game of his that I've been to in awhile. 

And yes, we had a dog named Rugby too, of course after Doug's favorite sport. I named him in hopes that it'd help Doug like him more. I'm such an awesome wife. :) 

Doug got the ball! That guy grabbing on to Doug had some serious mental issues after this play and smacked himself incredibly hard (and like 10 times in a row) when he got off the field. He never played after that, but pouted instead. 

Yep, that's my man on the ground. But he got up and wasn't hurt. He's been hurt before though. He tore his ACL in 2003 and had surgery. He's tough. 

{TV Room} Organization

Doug took Lily to town on Sunday, giving me some free time to myself and what better way to spend free time than organizing a room we practically live in all day long! Our TV room is a giant work in progress but this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Here's the AFTER...

After purging a few things, cleaning the top of the desk with cleaner (it was nasty) and putting her art supplies in the white caddy, it's starting to look better. Most of the toys went into her room and the toy closet (more on that later!) but I wanted to keep some things easily accessible. The two strollers are used often, especially when in reach. The striped bin holds all of her stickers and coloring books. It hasn't been opened in awhile but maybe now it will be. The pink box is full of Legos. The little desk was an auction buy, the chair was from my grandmother's house, and the white bin is from Target. The yellow Crayola box is from Target too and holds all of her crayons. The girl loves to color! Inside the desk is more paper and her face/nail sticker books (to make her own pictures). 

And here's the BEFORE....

You can see how nasty things were... Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh, shoes, Barbies, and so much more that needed organization. She actually doesn't play with much of this stuff so I knew it would be ok to put them in her closet and storage shelves. I hope that as she grows, I can get rid of some of the items. 

And just another view of the area to show my painting above. She likes it, Doug and I are both a little worn out by it. We've had it up for years. Maybe it'll find a new home day but for now it's the most colorful thing in an otherwise boring room.

So... this is definitely not the end of this room!

We have bought the sofa (it's huge), I've added curtains, and we have a brand new TV. But I have high hopes for this room that involve:

Ripping out the carpet and pad that is glued (inch by inch) to the hardwood floors underneath.
Refinishing the hardwood floor in a dark espresso/walnut color (still unsure exactly but it'll match whatever we do throughout the house).
Buy an area rug (once the hardwood floor is refinished).
Add additional pillows and change out the ugly ones that came with the couch.
Buy/build real storage for both kids to use.

And, the biggest things in this room...
Replace both existing windows.
Rip out walls and everything and insulate.
New drywall and paint (like in Lily's room)
Move closet from one side of room to other corner (to also change the layout slightly in Little Man's room).
Additional lighting.

Needless to say, this is just temporary but it's a step in the right direction. It'll also help keep Lily's little toys away from a baby that is due in 6 weeks! 

{Family Fun} Warrensburg

On Saturday, Doug's rugby team had a match where we first met, so of course Lily and I joined in! Plus, Doug's family came down to meet us and the weather was perfect - mid 70's, light breeze and sunny. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was playing around on Etsy and saw the adorable shirt that Miss Lily is wearing (above). It says "Dontcha wish your daddy could play rugby like mine?" I bought two - one in a big size for Lily to grow into (what she's wearing) and one for Little Man in a 12 month shirt. Hopefully it'll fit him this time next year or if Doug plays spring ball, it'll be big. 

Doug's sister gave birth in early August to Kyla and Lily was smitten. Obsessed really. I was so happy to see her interest in babies (which I figured she'd be) and she always wanted to be a part of Kyla's activities - from nursing to diaper changing to walking her around in the stroller... everything. She would even get upset because we didn't let her hold her all the time. Lily really wanted to be the one to hold Kyla when she cried. 

The water tower of our old college town. 

And back to where it all began! Doug and I had our first date at a restaurant called Copper Coyote almost 11 years ago (in October). I'm glad to see the place was still open. We ate dinner there with Doug's family. 

{Throwback Thursday} Baby Lily

I'm 7 weeks away from my due date. I've reached the uncomfortable stage and am busier than ever. The joys of working full time, grades are due (already!) and Miss Lily all grab for my attention. Plus there's a house that needs attention, clothes need cleaning and blah, blah, blah, you know the deal. Needless to say, I'm busy and extremely worn out. So... I'm going to do Throwback Thursdays for now and what better way to start than by sharing old pics of Miss Lily.

These were all taken in October 2010. The first two are from our anniversary dinner celebration at a local flower garden (it's gorgeous and where I take Lily's yearly birthday photos as seen here) and the last one is from Halloween 2010. 

{Closet} Necklace Organization

I'm feeling pretty productive now that I've completed two of the projects on my long list. One being the earring holder and now, my necklace holder! 

After finishing Lily's big girl room, we had a few extra batten strips left over and this one fit perfectly in my closet! I spray painted it teal and used oil rubbed bronze cup hooks, spaced every two inches, to hold my necklaces. 

This project couldn't help me more because the majority of these necklaces were in random places throughout the house and it also showed me how many of my necklaces need a little TLC. Those aren't hanging up as many need a jump ring or two fixed with my jewelry pilers. 

You can see that I obviously have some room for new necklaces! 

The color of this closet (Monroe Bisque from BM) is an odd color to photograph. The white of the dresser almost matches it in the above photo but that's ok. 

{Closet} Earring Organization

I did it! I finally finished this project that was YEARS in the making! Years ago (like a decade, I swear) my mom and I found this frame at an antique store. I couldn't pass it up as it was in great condition and a beautiful, dark wood (just how I like it!) and was cheap. Maybe $10? It actually moved at least once with us, maybe twice. Crazy, I know. I kept thinking of what I wanted to do with it but in my head I always envisioned the earring holder with the metal backing. I finally splurged on the sheet (all $5-10 of it) and have a ton left over for future projects. Maybe Miss Lily will get one too once she gets her ears pierced. 

It didn't take much. Doug and I figured out the size of the metal sheet we needed, he cut it, and I nailed it in place. I had to redo the wire for hanging purposes but I already owned it. I nailed it all in with small nails, already on hand so this was a cheap project! 

The best part is that now my earrings are together, in their correct pairs, and hung up where I can see them instead of in a box, bin, or all over my room and various rooms of the house. There are still some missing and in random places, but as I find them they get hung up. 

The above photo shows my nicer earrings that are typically gifts from others. I think all but two pairs of the above shot are from my mom (thanks, Mom!!!) and at least one is from Doug. One is in question because I've had them forever. The two on the left are turquoise that my parents brought back from one of their vacations, the top set with pearls have a beautiful green stone too that came from another vacation of theirs and the rest are random stones and all silver. 

The above shot shows some of the other random earrings, mostly cheap ones from random stores. Catos has a great selection and I can buy some for $2 a pair. Yes, $2! That's great for adding just a bit of color to an outfit without breaking the bank. I have a few more earrings that are studs that are in a jewelry box so I don't have to mess with the backs and/or them falling out. I don't wear many, except the two pairs I always wear (my diamonds from Doug and my emeralds that were my step-grandmothers). The third hole (I have three holes in each ear) is what changes. 

The pictures on the sides are of some of my favorite people - the top is from Christmas 2006 maybe of Doug (on the left) and my brother, Jesse (on the right). The other photo is from my wedding with my two bridesmaids - Margaret and Candace. The wood frames in the photos match the wood of the earring display perfectly. 

{Lily's Garden} A Leafy Visitor

Do you see him? 

Doug was out in Lily's Garden tackling the over grown grass (more on that in a minute) and spotted this little guy (a Praying Mantis). It was the first time we've ever had one in our garden and he had to have Lily see it. So of course, I grabbed my camera and I actually used my nice camera, not just my iPhone! He was about 4-5" long and did not like to be bothered but was fun to watch. It was around 95 degrees outside so a few brief photos and off we went back inside the house. 

As for the over grown grass, we're in an odd spot in our garden makeover because I've put enough flower beds in to make it hard to mow (sorry Doug!) but we haven't removed the grass entirely to replace it all with rocks. That's our plan - to remove all grass, lay down some barrier to prevent grass and weeds from coming up, and then put rocks and maybe some sort of stepping stones (or a mix of stepping stones) in between the flower beds. I do have plans on two more beds inside of the garden and two more on the outside once the rest of the fence it put in and we figure out where the arbor is going. I'm thinking these plans will wait until a nice, fall, cooler day. 

{Living Room} Pillows and Patterns

Our living room is the first room you walk into and I found it incredibly boring every time. Lately it is used more of a dumping ground from daily activities or of things that need to find new homes, like 3 full garbage bags of Lily's clothes and random house hold items that I'm donating. It doesn't help that we don't actually spend time in there as just our family of three until someone comes over and we sit there on the couches. 

So, over the summer I decided that I wanted to add some more color and design to it. Nothing fancy, as I didn't want to jump into anything crazy (yet) but something that may tie it to the dining room that it's open to. Enter the pillows shown below. I have a blue patterned rug in the dining room and have been thinking about adding another patterned rug to the living room. I wasn't sure of random patterns but I knew I loved the blue and white of the dining room rug so I searched on Etsy and found these pillows. Aren't they great?! Your eye immediately goes to them now instead of the odd green couches (that we got with the house and are not replacing any time soon). I'm still debating on the rug but this helps. 

Some where in my house I hopefully still have the blue and white table runner that I had on our dining room table. I'm afraid I donated it but am hoping it'll show up at some time to add more blue to these two rooms. Both rooms have light blue curtains on the two bigger windows. There are two smaller windows, like the one shown above, that I left plain. 

I know it's a small step but I feel like this room is slowly getting better. Now to think of an area rug at some point (and pick a color) and add more pillows. I can't sew a straight line to save my life, plus I can't figure out my husband's grandmother's sewing machine. But maybe if I can find some fun fabric to stay with the blue and white theme, I can have my mother in law sew some pillows. She's fantastic at them! 

And just to show you what it looked like back in the day....

The below photo shows the room after I painted the ceiling, removed the wallpaper, primed where the wallpaper was, and before painting the walls, windows, and fireplace. 

The below photo shows the fireplace (that's not useable right now) decorated with stuff when we first moved in. The candles and candle holders were all used in our wedding, I painted the artwork in college and the photos are of our wedding and family. Everything else (wallpaper, colors, metal scrollwork) was all left over from the previous homeowner.

Can anyone say YUCK to those two above photos!?? Mustard, glazes on the wall, wallpaper, weirdly painted fireplace (the paint came off every time I dusted), and dark everything, plus so much more that is now gone! 

{Monthly Recap} August

I started the Monthly Recap posts earlier this month with a Summer Summary but now that August is over, I figured I'd start focusing on the individual months. Although this blog may not have shown it, August was a busy month... and maybe that's why the blog didn't show it!

The month started with Doug's closet finally getting put to use, thanks to my awesome dad. He built some shelves and hung some racks to hang clothes on. Doug and I bought a bunch of baskets and bins to hold his clothes. We are lucky to have separate closets, so this one is all for him. He even has room for his golf clubs! It still needs some extra touches - maybe a hat rack and a place to hold his belts, but it's a lot better than using the basement for all of his clothes! 

There are actually more bins and baskets since this photo was taken, I just haven't taken a new one. The bins/baskets are all from Target and work great to hold shirts, socks, and so on.

Our sidewalks and driveway were finished this month. We finally got grass seed and straw, right as the heat showed back up. Watering it every night has not been fun but there is a little bit of grass finally coming through, but the weeds are annoyingly tall too. 

It looks a lot better than the above photo. 

We did a Lily Lately post of random August photos. 

We switched gears from Lily's room to Little Man's room as we realized we had no time to tackle another big project. We were able to get it painted and the furniture installed (since we already owned it all) over the past few weeks. The full reveal will be soon but I showed a few steps along the way here (the plans), here (the new paint color) and here (some details)

And we had some surprise flowers come from the bird food in Lily's Garden. I let them grow after a few other flowers quit blooming this month and it was nice to see them finally pop open. 

I also updated my 40 Before 40 and both Doug and I started back up working full time as teachers once the school year started. 

September will be another busy month for us and hopefully will see some blog posts of finished projects! I finished my earring holder but never hung it up, so hopefully that'll happen. I also hope I can get my necklace holder up and going to help organize those. It's also my birthday month (in just a few days) and will see a few more doctor appointments to check on Little Man. I have my next ultrasound in October though, so no pictures of him until then. 


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