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This month marks 6 years of living in our house. A lot has changed in those 6 years. We had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary before moving in and we celebrated 10 years together (dating and married) last October. We welcomed Lily home here and in less than 4 months, will welcome home our son.

Our house has undergone some changes too but we still have lots to do. So, here is the Master List for the house of everything we wanted to do, have done (with links to corresponding posts when possible) and plans for our future. Since I'm a huge an of Young House Love, I'll do it room by room like them.

Let's start at the front of the house.

New sidewalks - coming Summer 2013 hopefully
Remove large holly bush
Fill in hole left by tree previously removed - done, will do more later when we till the whole yard
Add curb appeal with better flower gardens - one side is done, shown here
Remove giant shrubs
Add sidewalk from current sidewalk (the one going to our front porch from the street) to replace gravel, stepping stones and overgrown bushes
Remove all giant bushes near side yard
Remove all partially buried, rotten wood - done
Remove broken street light - done

Fix hardware on door - done, added deadbolt and new lock for security reasons
Remove mail slot 
Paint or stain front door 
Remove old metal trim from missing screen door - done
Paint mailbox and/or buy new one
Buy furniture - including a porch swing and chairs
Paint floor
Paint railings
Possibly paint ceiling (blue?)
Add plants and decor

Exterior of whole house:
Paint window sills
Replace windows
Faccia, soffit and new gutters

Interior of whole house:
Paint all trim white
Sand, stain, refinish all wood floors

Buy carpet
Buy additional furniture (it came with the green sofa, love seat, and chair) but lacks storage - done
Paint! Ceiling, walls, trim, fireplace - done
Remove wallpaper - done
Remove existing curtains - done
Remove all random metal pieces - done
Repair chimney

Remove wallpaper
Buy buffet or sideboard (table, china cabinet and wine cabinet came with the house) - done, then swapped for my grandmother's sideboard
Buy curtains - done
Remove bi-fold door to basement

Phase 1: remove wallpaper, paint walls, ceiling and trim
Phase 2: complete gut - new appliances, new cabinets, insulation, paint, floor, etc

Remove carpet
Refinish hardwood floors
Buy new furniture - couch, tv unit, etc. - done
New curtains - done
New TV

Middle Bedroom: (aka Lily's nursery/room)
Remove wallpaper - done
New curtains - done
Furniture - done

Phase 1: remove wallpaper, paint, new shower curtain - done
Phase 2: complete overhaul - walls, window, insulation, shower/tub combo, linen closet, vanity, etc.

Front Bedroom: (aka Lily's new big girl room)
Move closet (to add more space for bathroom remodel) - done
Paint all original trim
Paint walls, ceiling

Add new walls for insulation - done
Have professionals install spray foam insulation
New drywall - done
New doors for crawl spaces - done
Redo Doug's closet
Storage, decorations for my closet - done

Complete gut (along with the rest of the upstairs) - done
Buy desk - done
Buy chair
Build shelves along one short wall
Buy area rug, curtains - done
Hang up existing art, decorate - partially done
Buy lamp 
Buy computer
Fix existing built in
Use existing armoire for additional storage, organize arts and craft supplies - done

Complete gut (with the rest of the upstairs) - done
Fix leaky skylight - done


Laundry room side:
Storage! - done
Organization - kind of done
Area rug(s) - done
Add utility sink
Add shelves (decent size that aren't slanted) above washer/dryer

Unfinished side:
Storage, organization
Fix broken lighting
Maybe in the future - finish it off (if possible) and turn into kid hang out 

Basement bathroom: 
Remove teeny tiny shower (talk about a small space)
????? - no plans, just wishful thinking

Screened Porch (off kitchen):
Clean up
Fix broken windows

Big Side Yard: (aka Lily's Garden) - never done, always a work in progress

Paint shed
Rip out rotting wood in garden area - done
Plant flowers, plants
Remove elm tree
Repair back of garage
Create a kid area
Fence off kid area to keep dogs out
Buy furniture for patio - done
Build a deck off of screened porch
Get a dog house - done

Clean up, remove overgrown plants

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